2019  —  II  —  28

Building Images: Concept to Completion Panel Discussion

On Thursday, 7th March, at 6:30pm in Lever Gallery in Clerkenwell, London will take place a panel discussion titled “Building Images: Concept to Completion”. Inspired by themes and work presented in the Architectural Photography Awards 2018, organised by Sto Werkstatt and chaired by World Architecture Festival Programme Director - Paul Finch.

Speaking from three differing yet overlapping perspectives, of the architectural photographer, the 3D CGI artist, and the image commissioner, the panel includes: Winner of The Architectural Photography Awards 2018, Pawel Paniczko, alongside the shortlisted architectural photographers Laurian Ghinitoiu (Architectural Photography Awards 2018) and Martine Hamilton Knight (Architectural Photography Awards 2017), each presenting recent works and insights into their developing industry.

Jon Fielding (Global Creative Director, Benoy) will bring to the panel his experience of commissioning both renderings and architectural photography as part of Benoys’ global communication strategy. While, Architect Steve Chilton will share his unique approach to producing CGI imagery inspired by photographic moments; capturing intimacies, selfies and even a buildings’ daily cleaning routine. Fabrice Bourrelly from Epic Games will elaborate on the photographic capabilities growing within game development softwares such as Unreal, and the possibilities of implementing these into a design workflow.

Tickets can be booked on Evenbrite website. More information about event on Sto Werkstatt
Building Images: Concept to Completion Panel Discussion